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Miniled is in strong demand, leading rich mining whittle and other manufacturers

With Samsung, apple and other major manufacturers introducing miniled technology into their new products, global TV brand manufacturers will follow up this year. The market expects that 3 million miniled backlight TVs will be available this year, and miniled chip factory Fucai (3714) and sorting equipment factory Whitt are expected to benefit the most.

According to the latest report of trendforce, Samsung and TCL will launch Mini led backlit TVs this year, while Xiaomi and LG Electronics are also planning to launch Mini led backlit TVs. This year, the overall number is 3 million, and it will continue to grow significantly next year.

People in the industry said that after Apple's new iPad Pro adopted miniled, many non Apple brand manufacturers are interested in introducing this technology, including smart phones, tablets, TVs and vehicles; Because of the large size of TV, miniled chips are in great demand.

The industry pointed out that Apple's new iPad Pro uses about 10000 miniled chips, while the 65 inch TV must import at least 20000 chips; Although the miniled chip size of flat panel and TV may be slightly different, there is no doubt that TV needs to use more miniled chips. At present, Fucai has an annual capacity of about 1 million minileds, most of which will be used for iPad pro at this stage.



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