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LED driving IC has strong kinetic energy

The demand for LED displays is picking up. According to the trendforce consulting research, with the overall demand warming up and the price of upstream components rising due to shortage, LED display manufacturers are also adjusting the price of products to cope with the situation This year, the market output value of LED displays is expected to rise to 6.27 billion US dollars, an annual increase of 13.5%.

The LED IC drive of the Taiwan plant is a priority for the Chinese mainland customers to increase their prices. The second half of this year is driven by IC with small spacing LED. The company expects to resume its growth in the second half of the year.Miniled synchronous volume, single quarter revenue will challenge a record high.Last year, the global LED display market was affected by the epidemic, with an overall output value of only US $5.53 billion, a decrease of 12.8% annually, especially in Europe and the United States. However, this year, the situation gradually reversed, and with the development of the economy

With the increase of vaccine application rate in various countries and the gradual lifting of the ban, major commercial activities and sports events such as the European Football League and the Tokyo Olympic Games have also been resumed, gradually reviving the overall demand.

Trendforce pointed out that affected by the rising cost of upstream materials such as driver IC, PCB and LED components, in order to maintain the basic profit, LED displays such as Riad, Zhouming technology and abison are included Manufacturers have been increasing the price of their products.

Mainly Chinese mainland customer market, accounting for about 70% of revenue, developed spacing P1.25 energy saving display module, P0.9375 high integration ultra-thin LED display module and P0.75 high integration ultra-thin type.LED display module has been used by Chinese mainland customers, and the technical gap between competitors has been opened up. The product will be growing year after year with a small spacing of P1.1, and the composite annual average from 2020 to 2024 will be increased.

The legal person pointed out that the market of LED driven IC with small spacing has gradually recovered, and the momentum of pulling goods is strong in the second half of the year. In addition, the development of miniled technology has been ready, and miniled backlight has been developed in succession for portable applications In the second half of this year, the electronic products are in the shape of double principal axis operation, the operation is back on the growth track, and the single quarter performance in the second half of this year is expected to challenge a new high.



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