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How does UVC led regain market favor?

As LED practitioners, we hope to see the accelerated popularization of UVC LED technology and products to gain more applications and larger market share.

Unfortunately, the ideal is very beautiful, the reality is very bony - UVC LED is unable to shake the mercury lamp Market in the short term.

So, what are the obstacles in the way of UVC led? At the Symposium on UVC LED industry 2021 held by Jibang consulting on June 3, industry experts gathered at the sofa forum to answer this question in simple terms.

Yin Hui, deputy general manager of Shengpu optoelectronics, was specially invited as the guest of the sofa forum. Huang Xiaohui, executive general manager of Zhixin semiconductor, Chen Yijun, sales director of Yixing technology, Cui Lai, general manager of Xiamen shuiyibao, Zhao Kai, vice president of angel, Ren Junqi, R & D director of Qinyuan business, and sun Jianpei, director of Yuanfang optoelectronics lighting division, were invited as the guests of the dialogue Application and other directions bring new thinking for the development of UVC led.



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