• The next five years, LED display shipments will maintain a growth of 16%!

    Market research firm IHS research pointed out that in 2015 the total shipments of direct vision LED video market increased by 15.6% over the same period last year.However, the overall revenue in 2015 increased by only 1.2%, mainly due to the impact of the price decline of all pixel spacing categories.2016-2020 years, direct vision LED video unit shipments expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of 16%. Read More
  • LED enterprises to enter the European and American markets

    According to incomplete statistics, the number of Chinese lighting enterprises has reached more than 20 thousand.2016, China's LED lighting industry has entered the era of low profit.Dou Linping, Secretary General of China Lighting society, said the market's survival of the fittest has made more and more enterprises Industry awakening, technological innovation is the survival of the road. Read More
  • LED chip prices return to rational domestic manufacturers continue to expand production pace?

    Recently, a message on the mainland sellers raise a Babel of criticism of EPISTAR, crystal ingot morning photoelectric release price contact letter. Read More
  • Is it true that the LED industry began to pick up in 2016?

    Since January 2016, LED related to listed companies gradually released first quarter earnings forecast for 2016, from several main LED display business enterprises released by 2016, the first quarter report can be found, most of the performance of the enterprise has forecasted, LED display industry seems to be getting warmer. Read More
  • Thousands of LED lights illuminate the Expo Garden of Nantong

    Recently, Nantong and a enjoy the night view of the place, is being held in Expo Garden lights festival attracted many people to visit. Read More
  • 2021 global fixed market size of $15 billion 700 million

    According to a market report released by the latest foreign market consulting firm, the global market size of the global outdoor LED display will reach $15 billion 700 million by 2021. Read More
  • What are the trends in museum lighting?

    With the continuous development of LED technology, LED lighting applications have been extended to many fields, and constantly open up the application in different segments.In the recently held in Beijing lighting exhibition, the museum lighting applications topic has attracted the attention of the industry. Read More
  • LED technology gradually mature placement machine came into being

    SMT Technology (surface mount technology) and electronic information technology to maintain the momentum of development, and in the electronic information industry plays a more and more prominent role, the status is more and more important. Read More
  • Mobile phone standard OLED has come

    Lift the OLED screen we are not unfamiliar, in the mobile phone market, the most common is the Samsung AMOLED the, its own's Galaxy line of mobile phones has been loyal fans of AMOLED, development so far in the galaxy S7 Series acclaimed.And recent South Korean news media exposed says, apple and Samsung is likely to have signed up to $26 billion of OLED panel order agreement.Seems to be an OLED screen time popular mobile phone ring, then the era of mobile phone standard OLED screen to come? below we first to know about the advantages and disadvantages of it. Read More
  • The technological innovation represented by CSP and inversion is a major trend.

    On April 22, the year 2016 G20-LED Lighting Summit for the first time CEO conference was successfully held in Linfen, Shanxi Province, members of the enterprise, Shanxi Guangyu lighting hosted the summit. Read More


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