TCL ready to build the world's largest LCD screen factory
2016-05-25 17:32:24

According to the Australian Science and technology website Appliance retail 24th May report,TCL plans to invest $7 billion 800 million (about 51 billion yuan), the establishment of the world's largest LCD screen manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, the world's largest, production of large size and high definition TV screen.

TCL is the world's leading television manufacturing plant. TCL pointed out that although the LCD TV's growth rate will continue to decline, but more than 55 inch LCD TVs accounted for only now 10% of the TV market shows that the market for large screen size, the price is right of TV demand high.
Chris Larsen, vice president of North America, said, we have from the vertical integration of the supply chain cost advantage, this investment will enable us to occupy a leading position in the large screen TV market.
TCL brand in 2004 to enter the Australian market, through the sponsorship of major events to promote the brand. In addition, TCL also sponsored some blockbuster movies, in the entertainment industry.


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