Lighting companies and the Internet giant cooperation reduced the WIFI vendor living space?
2016-05-24 10:30:49

 With the mobile terminal, smart home, the rapid development of the Internet, the choice of communications giant lighting companies, the Internet giant is no longer a new thing to do:May 2015, GE joined Apple's high pass into the networking lighting equipment market, in mid February 2016, the global IT giant CISCO to join Cree launched Smartcast Ethernet powered intelligent lighting platform.

Most people are of the view that the intelligent lighting will be both combined first by the market turmoil, but there are also put forward: traditional lighting companies and Internet companies cooperation is likely will grab the jobs of the WiFi manufacturers.
As we all know, WiFi is one of the main technologies of near field communication, but in recent years, a new type of technology is also very eye-catching, that is Lifi. LiFi, also known as visible light wireless communication technology, the essence of glazing and radio waves are a kind of electromagnetic wave, by adding a control light flashes of the chip in the LED lamp, can according to the different light coding rate of different data information, such as laptop computers and cellphones installed on the terminal receiver can receive the data information.
That is, where there is light in the future, there is a network. LED based on Lifi can reach 10 Gb/s data transmission rate, can improve the Wifi 7 Gb/s data transmission rate limit. The rate of laser transmitting data can be easily exceeded 100 Gb/s.
Low latency and higher transmission rate is Lifi two advantages, however Lifi to large-scale popularization, still need to customer service light network communication environment interference, communication distance and correlation technology, communication standard not unified, and many other problems.
But Lifi of the future is still worth looking forward to, comely lighting photoelectric business department chief engineer Yue Ming Zeng said said: "a disruptive technology is Lifi.Starting from the point of view of energy-saving, safety and transmission speed, the amount of information, Lifi are better than WiFi. This technique many foreign enterprises has been in research and development, the domestic recent Huawei and op lighting cooperation may will be a breakthrough in Lifi. "


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